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Four Inspirational Stories of Music Independence

"These stories have impacted my music career, been with me for over twenty-five years, and have impacted my life in ways that I could only speak about having gone through the process" states author Curtis Johnson.

(Denver, Colorado - June 26th, 2020) - Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. CEO Curtis Johnson releases his short four story memoir detailing his unique experiences migrating through the music landscape during the mid 90's into the 2000's. This release is available as an e-book, hard copy, or audio book (iTunes and Audible). These unique stories chronicle key events and unforgettable people who helped shaped Curtis' music career and helped him develop the shrewdness and density needed to survive the most dangerous game in town..the independent music game!

Curtis is a voting member of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and also holds an MBA in Health Industry Leadership from Regis University (Denver, Colorado).

In his twenty years in the music industry, Curtis has written, produced, or published over 300 songs and worked collaboratively with many platinum-selling and Grammy-nominated artists.

Curtis has been involved with five Billboard charts and has successfully negotiated placements for licensing with Warner Bros, Den of Thieves, Star Thrower Films, Bunim Murray Productions, BET, Bad Boy Entertainment, Year Zero Pictures, and many others.







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