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Dogs Den Films Jumps Into World of Indie Animation

(Aurora, Colorado - September 29th, 2020) - Independent film company Dogs Den Films, LLC ( attempts to transition from the indie thriller realm into the exciting world of 2D animation. Dogs Den Films is led by Executive Producers Curtis Johnson and Trenell Blanks and Managing Partner Bobby Robinson.

Their latest creative, Fish, is an animated series about a middle-aged African American man who fails miserably at getting a radio host job. He makes it his life-long goal to agitate as many hosts as possible. Fish is a show that straddles the fence on effective communication. While being quite disrespectful and using 18+ language, Fish antagonizes unsuspecting radio hosts until he gets them to their breaking point. The first episode features Fish confronting a conspiracy alien theorist type and an ultra pro-woman female host, who both feel the wrath of his debatable challenge. The series is written and created by Curtis Johnson, who has found a humorous way to deliver a narrative around Fish's character and his need to "make the radio host pay." Fish is voiced by Trenell Blanks who had found a clever way to express an adult brace-wearing, late 30ish African American man with a chip on his shoulder. The slow dopey dialect of his interpretation of the character adds a twist to the comedic timing. 

To complete the look and feel of the characters, Dogs Den Films partnered with production team ContentoNY (, and animator Juan Mont to conduct the character's designs, environments, and look and feel of the show. Juan Mont was the 2018 digital animator for Steven Colbert's series, "Our Cartoon President" that airs on Showtime and HULU. 

Fish is due to release in late 2020 and will be available exclusively on Apple TV and Google Play.

For media inquiries please contact: Bobby Robinson (626)826-5997

Curtis Johnson

Trenell Blanks


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